Wireless Charger Receiver Case with Power Bank

Wireless Charger Receiver Case with Power Bank

TI Solution, 1 Coil 1.Product Standard: WPC-Qi V1.2.2 2.TX Input: DC5V/1A-2A 3.RX Output: DC5V/1-1.5A 4.Working Frequency: 110-205KHz 5.Transmitting Distance: 5-8mm 6.Conversion Efficiency: 76% 7.Color: Red, Orange, Green, Rose Madder, Pink 8.Compatible for: Iphone 6/6s/7 9.Material: PC+TPU 10.Battery: 2850mah Li-Polymer Battery 11.Product Size: 143*71.6*12.5mm

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Apple announced new iPhone support for wireless charging and unveiled its own wireless charging pad AirPower this fall. The wireless charging board will be launched next year because of the new Qi wireless charging protocol. AirPower can charge multiple devices (iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods) at the same time, it said.

Now, samsung will follow up with a similar wireless charging pad. Samsung is developing a wireless charging pad similar to apple's AirPower, according to foreign media reports. The patent's schematic shows that it can charge a mobile phone and a smart watch at the same time.

According to the patent description, the wireless charging pad supports both magnetic induction and magnetic resonance charging modes, suitable for any equipment that meets the Qi standard.At the same time, the patent shows that the wireless charging device may contain two magnetic induction coils and an magnetic resonance coil. Two magnetic induction coils are used to wirelessly charge electronic devices with magnetic induction, and magnetic resonance coil is used to wirelessly charge electronic devices to electronic devices.

It is not clear whether samsung's wireless charging pad is suitable for charging the latest iPhone and Apple Watch.

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