Qi Wireless Charger with Power Bank

Qi Wireless Charger with Power Bank

Product Standard: WPC-Qi V1.2.2 TX Input: DC5V/2A RX Output: 5V/1A Battery: 4000mah Li-Polymer Battery Working Frequency: 110-205KHz Transmission Distance: 5-8mm Conversion Efficiency: 76% Product size: 156*85*13mm

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Will the iPhone 8 make wireless charging popular?

The truth is, no-one knows for certain.
Having wireless charging on some of the most popular phones in the world will likely see coffee shops, restaurants and other meeting places sit up and take notice of wireless charging. That may mean we're more prone to seeing charging tech built into tables, desks and other accessories in public places.
Apple sold over 41 million iPhones around the world in Q3 2017, so it would make sense for accessory and furniture manufacturers to sell more wireless charging devices if it's going to be a feature on upcoming iPhones.

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