Qi Wireless Charger Is The Most Cutting-edge Fashion Trend

Qi Wireless Charger Is The Most Cutting-edge Fashion Trend

1.Product Standard: WPC-Qi V1.2.2 2.TX Input: 10W DC5V-2A,9V-1.67A 3.RX Output: 5V-1A ,9V-1.1A 4.Working Frequency: 110-205KHz 5.Power Distance: 5-8mm 6.Conversion Efficiency: 85% 7.Protection Method: Over temperature, Over voltage protection, Soft / hardware dual over current protection FOD function,DPL Function, Enhanced vertex shutdown function 8.Color: Black 9.Product Size: 110.5*110.5*9.5mm

Product Details

Many people know Qi wireless charger because of iPhone X.Although Qi is only a logo, not belong to iPhone, with more and more people using iPhone,more people know about WPC.

Since iPhone X coming out, Qi wireless charger attracted a lot of attention from the world. Because iPhone X with wireless charging function, but it is not equipped with a wireless charger, so all of us want to buy one wireless charger to match it when we are using iPhone.

The Qi wireless charger is the most popular charger in the market, it support for all phones with Qi logo. Such as our latest model C13, it adopted our new digital demodulation solution, its working frequency up to 110-205 KHZ, support 10W quick charge and compatible charging 5W. It is the world's leading edge technology wireless charger.




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