Qi Wireless Charger Pad For Two Phones Wooden Charger Stand

Qi Wireless Charger Pad For Two Phones Wooden Charger Stand

1.Product Standard: WPC-Qi V1.2.3 2.TX Input: 12V 5A 3.RX Output: 5V 1A /9V 1.1A 4.Working Frequency: 110-205KHZ 5.Transmission Distance: 5-8mm 6.Wireless Power charging efficency: Fast: 85% Standard: 78% 7.Protective measures: FOD, DPL/ SCP/ Over temperature, over voltage protection, soft / hardware dual over current protection / Enhanced VRVS 8.Product Size: 250*143.8*32mm

Product Details

People who using iPhone8/8plus/X are all using wireless charger, no wonder wireless chargers are so popular


How it can be used to charged mobile phone without charging cable? There are some ways, such as magnetic resonance (NMR), electric field coupling, electromagnetic induction, radio communication. The mobile phones are mostly used the electromagnetic induction principle, just to put down the phone, it can automatically charged itself, so most iPhone X, iphone8 users will choose wireless device. Since wireless charger support quick charge and more safe, durable and convenient. It will become more and more popular. Below is a practical, beautiful home wireless charger from NEWQI.

C16 Qi wireless Charger Pad for Two Phones

It can be used as photo frame, you can put your family photo in it and charge you phone whether in bedroom or in living room. Without charging cable, it looks more convenient and can be a room decoration.




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