NEWQi The First Furniture Type 5W Wireless Charger

NEWQi The First Furniture Type 5W Wireless Charger

1.The product has a USB line,no need to link the USB line again 2. The product can be inlaid directly into the furniture, such as a table. 3. Suitable for public places, such as hotels, restaurants, etc.

Product Details

We are not familiar with wireless charging. Due to the thrust of 2017 half a year, the wireless charging industry is rising rapidly. What's the height of wireless charging in 2018? NEWQi launch a product,which can be as furniture

Model NEWQI C2



Wireless Charger Pad, 1 Coil

1.Product Standard: WPC-Qi V1.2.2

2.TX Input: DC5V/1.5A

3.RX Output: DC5V/1A

4.Working Frequency:  110-205KHz

5.Transmission Distance: 5-8mm

6.Charging Efficiency: 76%

7.Product Size: 68*68*12mm .                        

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