3 Coils Fast Charger

3 Coils Fast Charger

PCBA Size: can be customized Coil Size: can be customized Input Power: 10W DC5V/2A,9V/1.67A Conversion Rate: 82% Transmitting Distance 5-8mm RX Output: 5V/1A Working Frequency :110-205KHZ Product Standard: WPC v.1.2.3 Protective Measures: FOD,VRVS, DPL,SCP,Over temperature, over voltage protection, over current protection Dedicated high power low loss MOS & MOS driver

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10W 2 coils fast wireless charger qi qi fast wireless charger
We are the first one supplier to offer the digital demodulation solution wireless charger in China.
As a solution provider of the wireless charging in the industry, we have passionate employees and unmatched R&D capability, can react quickly to customer demand and provide onestop wireless charging solution. We have been engaged in developing the wireless charging solution for many years. Efficient use of existing resources to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to lay the foundation for the realization of sustainable development.


10W 2 coils fast wireless charger qi qi fast wireless charger
Imported USA ST solution wireless charger
Stable and lower heat
Dedicated high power low loss MOS & MOS driver$ Fan
Imported chip, COG capacitance
FOD VRVS DPL,SCP, Over temperature,over voltage protection, over current protection




The long-simmering wireless charging market has finally come to a head as apple's new iPhone supports Qi wireless charging. The manufacturers of chip manufacturers, coil manufacturers, and the wireless charging industry chain, such as the programme business, are rushing in. Additional as we have learned, at present including millet, huawei, gionee, hammers, Nubia, glory and VIVO homebred mobile phone have the product preview, and waiting to see how iphone8 feedback terminal consumers. In addition to the flagship phone, a number of ODM vendors are also considering making wireless charging into thousands of yuan. Mobile phone accessories wireless charger, mobile power manufacturers also hope to take this wave of dongfeng, make a pot full. Data from all parties also show that the development of wireless charging market is promising. Some people in the industry point out that, from the mobile phone market, the number of mobile phone shipments in 2016 reached 152.5 million units, with the number expected to reach 1.9 billion by 2020. With a single wireless charging of 100 yuan, if the penetration rate reaches 50%, the wireless charging industry chain of mobile phones alone could reach 95 billion yuan. According to IHS, the wireless charging market is expected to increase from 13 billion yuan in 2015 to 71.5 billion yuan in 2019, with compound growth of more than 50 percent. The number of devices shipped has reached 900 million units in 19 years from 100 million in 15 years, with penetration from 7 percent to 60 percent. For now, the entire wireless charging industry is ready to go. The wireless charging technology standard two strong competition, Qi burst out According to public information, the wireless charging technology apple USES on the new phone is the Qi wireless charging standard that supports the WPC alliance. This is a wireless charging standard developed and promoted by the WPC alliance. In the alliance, more than 200 global names, including nokia, HTC, LG, SONY, samsung and apple, have been gathered


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