Wood Charge Wireless Charger Can Charge Anyway
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Talking about the wireless charger, it's no longer a new term. Now, wherever wireless charger can be seen everywhere colorful, as a new gameplay charger, wireless charging is very popular in recent years, you have seen something like this anyway can charge Emu charge pad wireless charger, how? Is not a drill will feel very beautiful?

But since ancient times, like good is good, the person is, for something. It's like saying the wood filled wireless charger, at first glance is the kind of very fresh art fan children, a bit retro, smooth and clean, very suitable for office and home decoration use, regardless of the most important point is it is also equipped with a 5W output current, wireless charging efficiency is as high as 76%, can meet the needs of most of the people.

And if you want to use a simple word to describe it, it is a low profile. In love this style of friends will meet in the first sight it instantly fell in love with the wood filled wireless charger.