Wireless Charger Make Phone Charge Easily
- Mar 16, 2018 -

With the popular use of smart phones, many things can be done online, such as online paying, online shopping and watching online movie. However, after so many generations of smart phones, the figuration was updated largely but the standby time become shorter and shorter.So how make the standby time longer is now a growing problem around the world.

Actually, we don’t need to make the standby time longer, we can make it is easy to charge our phones easily. When we are not using the phone, it charge itself in a quietly way. Did you guess what’s I mean? Yes, that is wireless charger. NEWQI is a wireless charger solution provider and wireless charger manufacturer in China. In 2017, the R&D team was developed digital demodulation solution independently. And the chip with this solution was sold up to 30 millions in 2017, it is not including the sale volume of 1 million high integrated digital demodulation wireless chargers in 2017. So NEWQI is confident to face all the difficulties in the wireless charger industry. Choose NEWQI, choose wireless leisure life.