Wireless Charger Lets You Lose Data Cable
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Wireless power supply is a very attractive production topic, convenient not to say, in addition, wireless charging is more secure. Without the exposed connectors, leakage, CLP and other security risks are completely avoided.

Some people worry about the problem of radiation, this technology first used in the water purifier, so far has been 9 years, security has been 36 countries to verify, certainly not to the human body and the environment harm. According to the introduction, wireless charging is generally the transmission of energy through the magnetic field, and human beings and the vast majority of objects around us are non-magnetic.

Wireless charging also has a benefit is to save electricity, the efficiency of wireless charging equipment received at around 70%, and the wired charging equipment is equal, but it has the power of automatic shutdown, to avoid unnecessary energy consumption, and the efficiency of the receiving rate is increasing, will be able to reach 98%.