wireless charging, standard feature for smart phones
- Apr 04, 2018 -

As Xiaomi and Huawei announced their new smart phone with wireless charging function on 27th March 2018, many people realized that Wireless charging will be the standard feature of China smart phones from then on.


There are still some people confused with wireless charging. They think wireless charging just like WIFI, actually it is not. Wireless charger require the phone on the charger within 8mm. If it is too far away, it may affect the charging efficiency. Compared with cable charging, wireless charging is more convenient, just pick phone up when you want to use it and put it down in the right position after use is okay, no need to use charging cables. Wireless chargers from NEWQI are all equipped with over current, over voltage, over charge and over temperature function. So do worry about the safety problems. Very safe and reliable. Choose NEWQI, choose wireless leisure life.