Why Didn’t You Buy A Wireless Charger For Your Iphone X?
- Jan 11, 2018 -

It's not only iPhone 8, but also the iPhone X supports wireless charging. Now a lot of users have got the new phone, and if you want to experience the wireless charging, you can choose the wireless charger that works best for you.


IPhone X support quick charge through wireless charging base, and supports the Qi standard wireless charging base, charging power is 7.5 w (many new cars equipped with the support of Qi wireless charging pad, this is also compatible with the iPhone and iPhone X 8).


Quick charge is greater than 5 w power way, although apple official Air-Power has achieved fast charging, charging base support 7.5 w also support 15 w, but it is only 7.5 w power is available, can be in half an hour charging 50% of the battery.


ShenZhen Aodehong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. NEWQI Brand.was established by high-end R&D team from original Samsung company and began to research and design the wireless charging solution in 2011.