Which Wireless Charger Is The Best Match For Iphone X
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Wireless charging is not unusual, but it's the first time used on iPhone. In the new generation of iPhone launched on 12th Sep 2017 , the wireless charging function has become the standard configuration. Not only the small size iPhone 8 but also the big screen iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, without exception, all support fast wireless charging function.


It's a pity if you don't use the new functions like that. I believe that many users who buy iPhone X want to try the interesting function of wireless charging. How can they choose on the numerous wireless charger market?


As long as there is someone who ask questions, there will be someone who solve the problem. Here will talk about how to choose a wireless charger suitable for iPhone X from the factors of technology, brand and price.


1. Recongnize the QI certification


The wireless charging technology adopted in iPhone is not developed by itself. Instead, it adopts the Qi wireless charging standard which is highly recognized by the industry.

The Qi wireless charging standard is an industry standard, which means that if the charger meets the standard, iPhone X can be wirelessly charged. In other words, if you want to buy wireless charger for iPhone X. then you can only recognize the equipment which pass Qi wireless charging standard .

But there is a problem ,how to know a product is REALLY QI certified?except for the logo printed on the wireless charger ,there is one way to make absolutely sure:Look up the product in the Qi Certified Product Database.(https://www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com/products/search/)

The Qi Certified Product Database contains all Qi Certified products. You know that a product is Qi Certified when you find a match for Brand name, Product name, and Type number.

If you are a professional buyer, you can also ask your vendor to provide you with their product's Qi Certificate of Registration. A Qi certificate is valid when the URL that is printed on the certificate brings you to a page on our website that shows the same product (visually identical, same brand name, product name, and type number).

2. power should not be small


The latest Qi 1.2 standard allows the maximum power of wireless charging to 15W, which is basically the fast charging speed comparable to the QC2.0. But it's very regrettable that the maximum power for wireless charging on iPhone X is only 7.5W, just half of the 15W.


At present, the latest version of the official version is iOS 11.1.1. In this version, iPhone's wireless charging power is limited, and the power of wireless charging will be limited to 5W.


Just wait until Apple launches the iOS 11.2 official version, the apple will lift a ban of iPhone X's wireless charging to 7.5W.


Take into consideration of further Innovation, i recommends that when you choose to buy iPhone X wireless charging device, try to choose Qi 1.2 standard, that the wireless charger with a peak power of 15W.


3. The official authentication is good, but the price is not beautiful.



The AirPower that surprised the audience at Apple conference is naturally the dream lover of most iPhone X users. However, this interesting wireless charger can't be bought at the moment, even if it can be bought next year, it will not be cheap.

Except for Airpower,official certified third party accessories are also a good choice,At present, mophie and Belkin wireless charging pad are officially certified third party accessories on the official website of the apple.

It can fit for Iphone X perfectly.max power is 7.5W.But the price is higher to 498RMB.

In fact,now have many Brand of wireless charging pad have reach the standand of Iphone X,Samsung,UGREEN,Anker also a good choice and share a good reputation.but one need attention ,not all of them have 7.5 W power.so you need to distinguish the parameters when buy it .

4. Easy neglect problem of wireless charger .

In additional to your phone,Fast wireless charger need match your adapter and charging cable also .In view of the current wireless charging standard, the highest support power is 15W, so Android's Qualcomm QC2.0 standard fast charging adapter can perfectly support all the wireless charger on the market.

5. It takes a lot of time to buy a satisfactory product

To sum up, the best partner of iPhone X wireless charging is officially certified wireless charger on the official website that sold 498RMB. As for most of people, the second good choice is Samsung's wireless charging Pad.

As for other wireless charging pad in the website that sold very cheap ,the author suggest not to try it ,it lack of security,how can you take a risk with your thousand dollor iphone X.

At last ,the speed of wireless charging still can not compare with wall charging.the meaning of this technology is let you charging more convience when you at home or office .Completely free from the trouble of wire winding.

In order to make life easier, it is worthwhile to spend more time looking for a suitable wireless charging device. Until now, have you found the wireless charger you want?


Reference to Lei technology