Which Is The Choice Of Wireless Charger And Fast Charger
- May 15, 2018 -

VOOC flash: VOOC flicker is the first fast charging scheme for the world's first mass producer, and the technical threshold is higher than other fast charging schemes, and VOOC flash needs to be used with customized adapters and batteries. OPPO customizes special adapters, batteries, data lines, circuits and interfaces, and has developed an intelligent full end five level protection technology, which is safe and unassailable. The VOOC flash charging adopts a low voltage and high current scheme. Compared with other schemes, the charging power is higher and the conversion rate of electricity is 95%. The fastest charging speed is 4 times faster than the general cell phone charging technology, faster than other fast charging technology 50%. Dual engine flash charging: double engine flash charging is a fast charging of a large capacity (relative) multi-core battery pack with two intelligent charging circuits. It is to divide a large capacity of a battery into several cores and charge multiple batteries at the same time, so the charging speed is accelerated. At the same time, according to the "nine safety protection" information, we can judge the two lines of charging line, add the intelligent protection line, that is, the intelligent balance charging mode, and call the "rechargeable nurse" in the balance charger. This system can effectively protect the electric core, prevent overcharge and discharge, prolong the battery life and battery endurance. For a long time.