What Is The Advantage Of A Wireless Charger
- Jun 28, 2018 -

The market is so hot. What advantages does wireless charger have?
One, many bright spots:
1, safe, traditional mobile phone charger has a risk of leakage when charging the mobile phone, though the risk is very low. For example, the internal breakdown of the charger, and just the mobile phone shell is metal again, when people take the phone, they will be electrocuted, which will lead to death. The wireless fast charging is separated from the earth by mobile phone, and will not be shocked.
2, compatibility is high, mobile phone can be recharged only on the wireless charger supporting QI standard, there is no mismatch of charging head.
3, no need to plug in when charging, do not worry about damage to the charging port.
4, no need for wired interface, many products can be made totally enclosed waterproof products.
5, no line winding, simple and beautiful, looks comfortable, higher quality of life.
Two. Application scope:

Wireless fast charging products, involving the transmitter and receiver, receiving terminal with mobile phone, mold, key ring, lamps, mouse, keyboard, toothbrush, shaving device, small sound, clock and so on, the launch end can be used as vehicle wireless charge, cell phone charger and so on.