To IphoneX Users: The 10W Wireless Charger That Must Be Bought!
- Jan 06, 2018 -

From the date of phoneX's advent, the term "10W" wireless charger is all the same. And I believe that every friend who likes to pursue fashion will never give up the idea of a wireless charger for his beloved Apple phone. After all, people Apple Corp provide us with this function, then putting it away is not wasted.

But in fact, as early as 10W wireless charger had already appeared, but the Apple's support of its fame does not seem large, but also is not universal, but this is different from the past, along with the iphoneX fire, wireless charger is more popular. In a large number of wireless charger specifications, the 10W - class unlimited charger is absolutely the most overbearing.

The C810W wireless charger its output is ds5v-1a, input dc5v-1.5a, the color is bright color of bamboo, the transmission distance is 7mm, wireless charging efficiency is 73%, what is more it weighs only 95g, to support wireless charging function iphoneX is undoubtedly the best partner!