The Wireless Time Is Coming, And The Medium - Order Mobile Phone Is Also Expected To Be Used
- Jan 09, 2018 -

2018,A new era is coming-- ear of wireless charging. At the end of 2017,there are a lot of company join the Wireless charging industry,hope can get the first wave of income. Although the wireless charging market become more and more hot,but the most large market just only accord with High - order mobile phone, such as Apple,Samsung.However, if we want to develop the whole wireless charging industry, we have to import the medium-order mobile phone

After Hexinlong  have analyzed the data, the investigation show us the related parts of  wireless charger is more and more competitive, and this price will accept for the general consumer easily.Cause the smart phone is the most large consumer electronic products, so if we want to  succeed in the wireless filling industry, import a medium - order cell phone is the most import key of it!

Although,Samsung and Apple have set a wireless charging standard of their high-order mobile phone,however, the key to the popularity of wireless charging is the promotion of the ratio of medium - order mobile phone import.

Actually, cause the infrastructure of the wireless charging in public is not sound, and the willingness of some manufacturers to import wireless charging functions on the medium - order mobile phones is slow to increase.

To sum up, we only need to improve the wireless infrastructure in public places and import  the medium-order mobile phones into the wireless charging function. We believe that in the second half of 2018,medium-order  mobile phones will start to import wireless charging function. In the further future, the medium - order mobile phone will  shoulder the important task of expanding the market.