The Wireless Charge For Mobile Phones Should Be Like This
- Jul 28, 2018 -

As there are more and more smart devices around us, this has led to an embarrassing situation that we are attached to more and more peripheral facilities, so a high degree of integration of product functions is the trend of the times. If your bedside or desktop is full of various chargers, alarm clocks, and other smart terminals, it will no doubt be very messy and develop such a multi-functional wireless charger. First, as a wireless charger it can make your desktop neat enough, and then it integrates all the functions of the desktop electronic clock, such as time, alarm, temperature, etc. And through the NFC function to connect with the phone, so you do not need to pick up a cell phone to know if you have no incoming calls or information, and can show you the phone's power situation, it is very considerate.