The Principle Of Wireless Quick Charge
- Dec 06, 2017 -

The principle of wireless quick charge

1. The wireless quick charge includes the sending end and receiving end. The transmitting end converts the dc voltage to the transaction of the current, and generates excitation through the transmitting coil to convert the electrical energy into magnetic energy; The receiving end coil generates the induced current (ac) in the alternating magnetic field generated at the launch end, and then transformed into a stable dc voltage output after the receiving end rectifier, which realizes the transmission of energy.

2, because the energy is achieved by the space of alternating between sending and receiving coil magnetic field conversion and transmission, in order to reduce the wastage of the magnetic field, improve the efficiency of transmission, sending and receiving coil structure of tightly coupled, need to keep close enough, at the same time, sending and receiving ends of the coil will be required to have separate magnetic materials, prevent leakage magnetic field and energy transmission losses, in the QI standard, usually to send and receive the distance of the coil is around 5 mm, the alternating frequency of the magnetic field between 100 k to 205 k.