The News Headline Is Apple Mobile Phone To Join The Wireless Charging
- Apr 26, 2018 -

There was a lot of earlier news that Apple was ready to add wireless charging to the new iPhone, and the WPC wireless charging alliance official document has confirmed that Apple has joined this year, while also revealing that the future will enable mobile phones and peripherals to use wireless charging. But the subsequent update of the page took the relevant narrative away, as if to avoid unnecessary speculation.

And join the WPC wireless charging alliance, means that Apple will use Qi wireless charging technology in the future, and if Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft and other manufacturers are adding Qi wireless charging technology, it means that users will directly use other brands of wireless charger to charge the new iPhone.

On the other hand, the market news has revealed that Apple will continue to cooperate with the provider Luxshare of the Apple Watch wireless charging component, which will enable the new iPhone to use the wireless charging function in the future. However, if from the market news that Apple will still be based on the iPhone 7 series, the upgrade iPhone 7S series are introduced respectively, which means that only the 10th anniversary commemorative machine is used before and after the glass design, the metal frame body size of the iPhone 8 will be introduced to the wireless charging function.

According to the relevant news, the new iPhone 8, which uses the wireless charging machine, does not randomly receive a wireless charger, but it will be provided in an additional way, compared with Samsung and Nokia. At the same time, last year, with the Lightning 3.5mm headphone hole accessories donated by the iPhone 7 series, it is expected that the new machine will not be provided this year.

For the new iPhone that is expected to come out this year, the news that Apple will no longer update the 4 inch machine, that is, will not have a iPhone SE successor, but also partly saying that Apple may launch a 5 inch new machine, and use a similar iPhone 7 design, and add a double lens module, just like this still seems to be No specific left message.