The Advent Of Wireless Charging Era
- Oct 26, 2017 -

With the development of the times, mobile phones have become essential items, which also brings a number of mobile phone products of the new, such as mobile power, mobile phone wireless charger, today we first came to the wireless charger. Wireless charging will be a huge market, after several years of brewing, has now been a good time?

There will be 325 million wireless charging products in 2017, and now all household charging devices can support the QI standard, according to the statistics have more than 400 kinds of rechargeable products launched, the current market size of 600.08 billion per year, the potential market to see 500 million, car wireless charging is another big market, now 66 of the car support Qi wireless charging, after the standards of electronic equipment will be Use the QI Standard as the eligibility criteria.