The Advantages Of Wireless Charging
- Jan 26, 2018 -

The advantages of wireless charging
Wireless charging can fire instantly, in addition to the popular attributes of Apple's own, because wireless charging itself has a certain advantage.

Convenient charging
The use of wireless charger as an example, as long as the mobile phone can be put up to start charging, eliminating the trouble of data swap line, if the mobile phone will automatically pick up the call, will open the charge, can safely answer the phone.

Is it good to use a mobile phone charger? Can ordinary mobile phones be used, too?
Just imagine that if the other hand holds something else, it can be charged by data line, and the thing on the handle must be put down, so that two hands can complete the charging action, and wireless charging can only be done by directly placing the cell phone on the wireless charger. Is it special?

To reduce the data interface plug
Charging with a regular charger, each charge should be plugged into the USB interface of the mobile phone and pulled out after use. Now the mobile phone basically every day to at least one charge, or at least to plug a data line every day, some people even 2-3 times every day to charge the electric plug, the data line frequently, USB interface will make the data line or mobile phone has poor contact, there may even be charging port so damaged the situation. There is no problem with wireless charging.