Support 7.5W Wireless Charging
- Mar 14, 2018 -

Although millet 7 and millet mobile phone opening are missed, but more people are still looking forward to millet 7. Recently, the latest function of Xiaomi 7 has been exposed on the Internet. The hardware specifications of Xiaomi 7 will support 7.5W wireless charging. Have you found that the charging power of millet 7 is just like that of iPhone8Plus/X.

The latest functional exposure of millet 7

What's the price of millet 7
According to the dynamic millet last year, at the beginning of next month will be released millet 7 the main series of new flagship. But now all the information about millet 7 is extremely blurred, recently learned millet 7 the latest function exposure, support 7.5W wireless charging. This means that the body material of Xiaomi 7 should be integrated glass. If we use the full screen design, the backside will be like the millet MIX2, and the central openings will be used for fingerprint identification.

Can be determined that the next millet flagship machine will not be millet 7, but millet MIX2 upgraded version, millet MIX2s, the same support wireless charging. Millet is in all models after the start of the year is the promotion of wireless charging,