Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Launch QI Wireless Charging Accessories
- Aug 08, 2018 -

On March 20, Star S4 officially launched its flagship smartphone last Wednesday, using advanced technologies including QI wireless charging. After the conference, foreign media displayed the wireless charging suite of Galaxy S4. The D wireless charging suite will be accessories for mobile phones, but it will not appear in the sales package, but in the form of peripheral products.

It is really surprising that Samsung's Galaxy S4 is added to QI wireless charging, but considering that Qualcomm is a member of the wireless charging alliance, it is also reasonable to support the specification with the subtle relationship with Samsung and high Qualcomm.

Wireless power alliance is the standard organization of wireless technology charging. QI is its wireless charging standard. It has two features of convenience and generality. Even if there are different brands and different types of mobile phones, it can be widely used as long as they have QI logo. Enter, the alliance has been supported by up to 130 mobile phone brands, including blackberry, H mobile charger TC, HUAWEI, LG, Motorola, NOKIA, Panasonic, Samsung, SONY and so on, almost all the mainstream brands.

QI is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction as the transmission principle, its basic principle as shown in the figure, it is composed of transmitter coil L1 and receiver coil L2. The two coils constitute an electromagnetic coupling inductor. The alternating current produced by the transmitter coil generates a magnetic field and generates the voltage of the induction coil by induction, which can be used to supply or charge the battery to the mobile device.

QI currently provides wireless charging for electronic products under 5W, such as smartphones, tablet computers, cameras, and so on. The power efficiency is only 50.2%, far below the average efficiency of the commonly used DC power adapter 72%. Qi filling power station enters family, automobile, train and other public places.

Although the efficiency of wireless transmission is obviously lower than that of copper wire transmission, the wireless charger can reduce the standby power of using the wireless charger instead of multiple adapter power adapters, that is to say, when the wireless charging device can be burnt, the wireless charger can reduce the standby power consumption. GE two mobile phones at the same time, the power supply efficiency is significantly higher than the traditional copper wire.