Quickly Filling The Wireless Charger And Making The Charge A Trend Fashion
- Jan 10, 2018 -

There is a kind of beauty called "silent", and there is a kind of charge called "inadvertently". So do you not know the beauty of the time you have the most fashionable and fast charging Wireless charger? At the time, the charging of the data line has fallen behind, and the unlimited charger is rising quietly.

In the age of various life experiences, the fast charging Wireless charger will become the mainstream of the times. In the past, no matter where we went, we were tired of a long data line, placed in bags, occupied no place, and often dragged down in a casual corner by procrastination. And with the quick charger, these annoying things will not happen to us again. Just like this wooden C16, it is not only high in color, but also very convenient to set up, and it supports two modes. The wired output is 5V-2A, the infinite output is 5V-1A, and the transmitting distance is 5-8mm, which is very excellent in terms of configuration.

In a word, it's a fashionable fashion to fill the wireless charger at the time. Then, if you don't want to be trendy, get in.