NOKIA Wireless Charger Samsung Challenge
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Wireless charger brand manufacturers look NOKIA is the biggest black horse at this year's MWC exhibition, bringing us a lot of surprises. Foreign media have revealed that NOKIA is starting to build a "super flagship", using a 6.01 inch 18:9 comprehensive screen with a resolution of FHD+, carrying the 845 flagship mobile platform of the Valon, Equipped with 8GB super memory, rear 16 million pixel Cai Sishuang, front 13 million pixel self timer lens, built-in 4000mAh large battery. Most importantly, this NOKIA "super flagship" will support wireless charger technology, which can also be inferred that it will use double glass fuselage, but it does not tighten. The key is to support the battery charger. Is this the tempo of Samsung S9?