Is It Necessary To Recharge The Mobile Phone Now?
- May 22, 2018 -

Now Apple has brought the mobile phone wireless charging upsurge, and all the brands are also following up. Technically, wireless charging technology is no longer the standard Qi with only 7mm charging distance. It is not said that the high frequency magnetic resonance technology has been commercially available, the mobile phone charge distance can be increased to 70mm, the wireless charging distance of compatible standard Qi has also reached 35mm, which can be used directly between the desktop, and this distance also makes the wireless charging in public places rapid coverage. At present, undersea fishing, such as home and other well-known brands of service industry have introduced wireless charging into the home service system, using the 35mm wireless charging equipment of the micro goose technology compatible Qi tagging. The transmitter and receiver of public places should promote each other, and mutual promotion can make wireless charging technology develop better and faster.