Mobile Phone Charger
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Due to the rapid development of mobile phones, some of the once correct charging methods have now become a mistake in charging, often making people confused. So, what are the charging errors we need to pay attention to, how to properly charge, not only to ensure safety, but also to extend the life of the battery?

Myth 1: is it dangerous to charge a mobile phone with a flat charger?
There were rumors on the microblog that it was impossible to charge a mobile phone with a flat-panel charger, because the power of the charger on the tablet was significantly greater than that of a normal mobile phone charger, and the output current of the charger was likely to be "breakdown capacitor". But there are still millions of deathless kids charging their phones with flat-panel chargers, because it doesn't seem to be a big problem, and sometimes it seems to be charging faster.

The tablet charger is much larger than the mobile phone charger
Actually, it's okay to charge a phone with a charger with a larger output current, usually with less catastrophic consequences, and in many cases it does make the phone charge faster. Because any cell phone has a dedicated power management chip inside, it will control the input current of the battery within its maximum acceptable range, so it will not affect the battery. On this issue, Apple's official website's technical support page has even been specially answered.

Myth two: installing software can prolong battery life?
Battery management software is an amazing thing. It looks like they have very high-end atmospheric displays like fast charging, recharging, trickle charging, and so on, but they actually just read the power through the API provided by the system and show it to the user. It's helpless to recharge and to be able to stay in the background to help consume electricity. It's definitely a classic product of the lithium-ion battery age.