Is It Safe To Use Wireless Charger?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Wireless charger become a hottest electronic item in 2017. Since it is a new electronic product to many people, so there is heated discussion on the safety of using wireless charger. Besides, wireless charging was achieved through magnetic induction, most consumers also worried about its magnetic radiation will do harm to human bodies.


Many wireless charger manufacturers will come across the contradiction: how to improve the charging speed as well as ensure the safety? To make the charging speed more faster, we need to increase the wattage or the Power, which will cause coil heat problems. In this situation, we suggest consumers to choose branded wireless charger. Because unbranded or cheap copied wireless chargers are produced in small workshops may exits danger caused by inappropriate designs. Such as to pursue the high charging speed, small workshop may increase the wattage ignore the structure; to lower cost, they may cut down the cost on safety measures. All these problem will cause sever heat even burned the charging cables.


NEWQI has many measures to ensure the charging safety. All the wireless charger produced by NEWQI are built-in short circuit, over charge, over current, over voltage, over temperature protection, so it can make consumers feel safe to use it. And all products passed CE, RoHS, FCC test. Some of them also Qi certified, the its working frequency is within 110-205KHZ. So dont worry about the magnetic radiation. Choose NEWQI, choose wireless leisure life.