IPhone 8 And IPhone X Wireless Charger
- Jun 11, 2018 -

After the release of Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the wireless charger market has seen a rapid growth. According to industry sources, the entire wireless charger market has grown about 5-6 times before Apple's new aircraft is launched, and will continue to grow several times next year. Demand exceeds market expectations and is plunged into the entire industrial chain. In addition, capacitors such as capacitors, MOS tubes and coils are out of stock to varying degrees, and there is a huge supply gap in the wireless charger market.

In fact, as early as the age of functional aircraft, there was already a wireless charging phone, but it didn't cause much response. In 2012, NOKIA hosted a wireless charging function on Lumia 920. However, the wireless charging function of the machine is not mature enough, and the charging speed is very slow, which can not effectively improve the user experience. With the exploration of the wireless charging field by apple and Samsung, the two giants of the consumer electronics market, the wireless charging market is resurfacing.