IOS 11.2 Supports High Speed Wireless Charging
- May 25, 2018 -

On December 4th, there were many BUG problems about Apple iPhone 8 series and iPhone X mobile iOS update recently, but also brought many surprises. The latest news is that iOS 11.2 supports high-speed wireless charging and opens up the fast charging speed of 7.5W.

According to the news, apple iOS 11.2 system opened the 7.5W fast charge rate, according to the media charge head to iPhone X 7.5W wireless charging actual test, carrying the formal version of the iOS 11.2 iPhone X can complete the 0-100% full speed wireless charge within 2 hours, the iPhone X filled, the system will automatically stop charging, close off Wireless charging packets to ensure the security of the mobile phone. The most important thing is that there will be no problem of deceleration after charging for more than ten minutes, which is much more stable than the Beta version of the mobile phone system. If you use devices that do not support 7.5W charging, the same iPhone will only charge from 46% to 60% in 30 minutes. Due to supporting 7.5W charging, iPhone 8 series and iPhone X can make wireless charging faster.

Finally, this apple opened the 7.5W wireless charging rate, and indeed 7.5W charging speed is faster than apple iPhone's own 5W cable power adapter. As long as the iPhone 8 series and iPhone X just upgrade iOS 11.2 to enjoy this little surprise, how stability can only wait for users to use a view of feedback, wait and see.