Huge Wireless Charging Market
- Apr 25, 2018 -

Among them, Samsung, Microsoft, NOKIA and other brands have spared no effort to use and promote wireless charging technology. Before long, Apple also joined the WPC wireless charging alliance, which will undoubtedly bring great changes to the whole wireless charging market, drive the development of wireless charging technology, and attract more hands of Android camp. The machine manufacturers carry wireless charging.

In addition to the use of mobile phones, wireless charging technology will also be used for many consumer electronic terminals, such as smart watches, tablet computers, and so on. The market space can reach billions of yuan and has great potential.

Besides consumer electronics, new energy vehicles are another broad market for wireless charging applications. Wireless charging is high safety, less affected by weather and saving road space, so it is more suitable for electric vehicles than charging piles. At the same time, the construction speed of charging stations and charging piles is also difficult to keep up with the growth speed of electric vehicles, which is the bottleneck of electric vehicle development, so the wireless charging will push the electric vehicle. It plays an important role in promoting.

Wireless charging industry chain

The wireless charging industry chain includes the plan design, the raw material, the device manufacture and the module package. Among them, the scheme design needs strong R & D ability, the technology content and the product added value are high, and the profit is the largest. The manufacturing process of raw materials and devices test manufacturers' technological processing level, and technical barriers are relatively high. Module encapsulation is very difficult, and domestic manufacturers can quickly layout.