How To Choose A Wireless Charger
- Apr 02, 2018 -

a lot of wireless charging products on the market.will you feel confuse to choose? main IC chip suppliers a superb Solution for , the influx of WPC, union number is at the end of February 2018 more than 466. It is foreseeable that this year, the wireless charging market for a big outbreak, then how do consumers choose a suitable for their own wireless charger? The following is an analysis from two aspects.

1: performance & efficiency

The performance of wireless charging is not difficult to see from the mainstream manufacturers. The market share of the largest ST scheme is about 76% of the charging efficiency. Basically, the market has over temperature protection, foreign body detection function and so on. NEWQI self developed digital demodulation scheme can achieve 85% charging efficiency, 60°C automatic power off, and excellent charging performance that stands out in the field of wireless charging.

2: shape process

The material is still aluminum alloy, and the plastic mold is the main material. The craft is in the basning pattern, the feeling oil, the grind, the bright surface is most.  In this year's Hongkong Electronics Show, NEWQI will show 2018 new models of wireless charger, providing a variety of exterior and design technology for your choice. Sure you can find a product you like.