How Is The Wireless Charging Experience Of Mobile Phones
- Jan 17, 2018 -

The use of wireless charging is clearly associated with the technical standards adopted. At present, the wireless charging equipment on the market is basically the Qi standard, that is, the magnetic induction wireless charging technology is used. The first thing to be sure is that wireless charging can bring convenience. This is reflected in placing a cell phone on a charging board to recharge it. The application of the office scene is good. At the present stage, several of the most criticisms of Qi standard wireless charging are:

1. the rechargeable area is too small. It needs to be deliberately set. This is the reason most people think that there is no bird to use, because the experience of deliberately placing and inserting lines is very close.

2. in the process of charging, the temperature may rise very high. It is actually related to the temperature rise and the placement of the position. But because the Qi's rechargeable area is too small, it will find the same rechargeable area, sometimes the mobile phone is hot, and sometimes the cell phone is hot. This is also a place where users are upset.

3. in the end, the charging speed is usually slower than the limited charge speed. I see a lot of responses mentioned in low efficiency. It needs to be clear that the low efficiency here is the low conversion rate of electric energy, which is to spend more than one silk. Low conversion efficiency does not necessarily mean slow charging.