How Can IPhone X Wireless Charger Be Used?
- Jul 03, 2018 -

IPhone wireless charging work according to the content of the conference, the new iphoneX and apple watch can be directly used to use AirPower for wireless charging, but in the content of the conference, there is not too much of the AirPower products, in fact, the wireless charge is very early in use by other mobile phone companies, similar to the Samsung series.

How can iPhone X wireless charger be used?

1. Connect the charger to the power supply. Please use the adapter supplied by the accessory or the power adapter recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Place the charger on the horizontal surface or other locations recommended by the manufacturer.

3, put the iPhone on the charger to make the display up. In order to get the best performance, please put the mobile phone in the central position of the charger or the location recommended by the manufacturer.

4, iPhone should start charging after a few seconds on the wireless charger. You should see the instructions in the status bar when you start charging.