From Function To Appearance, Wireless Charger Into A New Stage
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Since the iphone 8/8P/X have launched, wireless charging technology has been paid attention by a large of manufacturers. After all, you placed your phone at random place and pick up them to used at anytime. So convenient technology design has changed our way of life. In addition to focusing on the latest style of high-end wireless charging phone style, choosing a suitable wireless charger has also attracted the attention of many technology enthusiasts.

At present, the basic wireless charge on the market has over current, over temperature, overvoltage, overcharge, overcharge, short circuit protection, and foreign object protection. According to the technical difference between the software program and the chip scheme merchants, the stability of the wireless charging, the degree of heating, the charging efficiency and the durability are not only the same. A large number of expensive manufacturers such as Airpower, Belkin, RAVpower, and Anker have become the target of the wireless charging industry. In addition to performance, what can the general vendor stand out for?

Many manufacturers began to focus on the wireless charging technology and the appearance size characteristics such as portability, NEWQI, in September of last year ,after the popular C13 UFO wireless charging quickly favored by the market, the product uses black matte plastic mold, not leave fingerprints. It covers a bright face cover to increase the appearance of the product and support OEM customization.

A wireless charger with a thickness of only 9.5mm, an instant charging, and a feeling of super thin inspiration. The line design of science and technology to Jane has realized the combination of science and technology and the beauty of art.