Fast Wireless Charging
- Jan 02, 2018 -


The significance of fast wireless charging lies in the wildly terminal application of mobile communication. The use frequency rise higher and the overall energy consumption became bigger. Meanwhile, the battery life out of consumer expectations, its battery time was too short and it need to be charged frequently. According to the current charging standard , the charging time is too long to satisfy the consumers using demand. It is difficult to solve the problem of per unit battery capacity volume, although quick charge technology can not fundamentally solve the problem of mobile phone short battery life, its practicability is strong. So that it can satisfy the consumers requirement of using battery in a shorter time.


Compared with the wired charging, the wireless charging has it unique advantage:

1.Green product, Low Radiation, no line wilding and don’t need to carry charging cable.

2.Beautiful, convenient, compatible, no need to worry about the incompatible charging connector and don’t worry about whether you are using iPhone, Samsung or other cellphones.

3.Safe, reliable, no risk of shocking by high voltage electric shock while you are picking up the charging phone.

4.It will improve the battery’s service life because it can keep supply energy for the phone and won’t discharge the power when it full charged.