Small Body, Easy To Carry Fast Charging Wireless Charger To The Non General Charging Feeling
- Jan 04, 2018 -

What is this round dish like something? Answer: it is the most up-to-date and fast charging Wireless charger. Just look at what it looks like and know how new it is. Not only the appearance of overhangs, and packed in a bag, Rhys does not occupy the space, but also saves the data line around the trouble. It weighs only 95g, which is the same as a big egg. It's very convenient to put it in a bag or in your pocket.

But you do not think that it is the appearance of a goods, people's work efficiency but reached 110-205khz Oh, than ordinary line charge, and the output is ds5v-1a, input dc5v-1.5a, and use the coil ST solution, can be said that both the value and the strength of Yan, don't want to be out buddy hurry to try!

As for the price, not expensive is good for everyone in the eyes of the uniform location standard of good products, so just to the infinite charger fast charging standards to build, accords with modern aesthetic standards, but also to cater to the mass consumer, and this fact is this round of fast charging Wireless charging line can be a fundamental fast grain market.