Development Trend Of Inductance Coils
- Oct 26, 2017 -

China's inductor device industry started in the middle of the 60 's, with the reform and opening up, technology introduction and the development of High-tech electronic technology, inductive devices industry ushered in opportunities and huge space for development, especially in the late 80 's, with the help of the national color TV strong domestic Dongfeng, Some enterprises take the lead from abroad or our country Taiwan introduced advanced production equipment and technology, to promote the inductor device industry embarked on a rapid development of the road.

Inductance coil is not to be outdone, followed by the pace of inductance devices to pursue, constant challenges, and constantly break through their own, in recent years has achieved fruitful results. So the coil manufacturers see this trend of development, and strive to seize the opportunity for the inductor coil development prospects will only become better.