How To Choose A Good Wireless Charger Chip
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Since September of 2017, wireless charging market ushered in an explosive growth, and the wireless charging chip, as a device which was born in the developed technology of 21th Century, needs to meet the requirements of full function, low working temperature and fast charging speed, in order to be a high quality wireless charging chip. As for these three requirements, this article has introduced in detail, if you want to know about this, follow this article.

(1) Protection function
Well, wireless chip should have intelligent functions such as foreign object detection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection and over current protection. The detection function of foreign matter can prevent electromagnetic overheating caused by metal objects. The temperature protection can be automatically cut off when the temperature is too high. Over voltage and over current protection can automatically adjust the voltage and currents, maintain the stability of charging, and protect mobile phones. Through recent reports, we know a lot of accidents due to charging. We are strongly forbidden for devices that are not protected.

(2) the working temperature is not high
After a period of work, there will be temperature rise or even hot. For wireless charging chips that often appear, it is recommended that you change quickly.  Wireless charging uses electromagnetic induction technology, and there will be some heating problems during charging. The working temperature of high quality products is generally below 40 C, which is normal in the sense of temperature. If it beyond this range, it is abnormally. We must pay special attention when choosing it.

(3) fast charging speed
There is a problem of conversion efficiency in wireless charging chip. The conversion efficiency of mobile phone wireless charger is mostly at 60%-80%. Under the same conditions, the higher the efficiency, the quicker of charging speed. In this era of urgent time, charging speed has become an important criterion for people to choose wireless charging chips. For young people, charging fast is one of the standard of high quality wireless charging chip.

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