Apple Watch And IPhone 8 Wireless Charging
- Jan 24, 2018 -

Although there are more powerful options, apple (Apple) is rumored to choose 7.5W's wireless charging technology for the new iPhone 8, which will mean a slower charging speed. Before the AppleInsider website cited Japanese news website Macotakar pointed out that Apple will skip 15 Watt Qi 1.2.x fast charging standard, and the use of wireless charging technology 7.5W. The Macotakar message comes from the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). At present, some Qi charging mats offer 15W specifications. At the same time, Android mobile (15W) has been listed on the 15W technology. So why Apple abandoned 15W and 7.5W is still unknown. According to Macotakara, perhaps, like an apple watch, the iPhone8 charging board also needs an apple - Certified chip to operate properly. In fact, Macotakara sources suggest that Apple may use a separate charger to charge Apple watches and iPhone 8.