Apple 7.5W Wireless Charge
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Apple 7.5W wireless charging has always been a mysterious and high-end existence. Although the Qi wireless charging at this stage can easily achieve 10W and 15W, apple 7.5W Qi wireless charging has always been the goal of every effort to overcome.

The main reason is that apple 7.5W wireless charging is a fixed frequency scheme, which can minimize the interference of wireless charging to mobile phones. The fixed frequency scheme can be divided into fixed frequency voltage regulation and fixed frequency control, and constant frequency voltage regulation is the official wireless charging scheme recommended by apple. The 7.5W fast charge of apple MFi conference is fixed frequency voltage regulation.

The fixed frequency duty ratio 7.5W scheme is better than the price ratio, to some extent, it can also allow users to enjoy the experience of fast charging at lower prices, but there may be a wireless charge drop off situation, and the real measure of production will not use such an unstable scheme.