After IPhone X Coming, The Wireless Charging Erea Is Coming
- Apr 21, 2018 -

After the release of iPhone X, it really brought the wireless fire. In the last few days, Apple announced that after iOS11.2, the new iPhone would be upgraded to 7.5W wireless fast charging. As long as the corresponding charger was loaded, the new iPhone could be quickly recharged.

This allows more people to try new iPhone wireless charging with speed and experience.

But the expensive price of the new iPhone is also a great deterrent to many fruit powders, but the wireless charging experience has made people eager. After all, no matter at home or at the office, it's convenient to use wireless charging as soon as you put it in place and use it as you want.

What about the old iPhone phones we use for fruit powder? Is it true that only buying new iPhone can experience wireless charging?

In fact, no need, now the old iPhone mobile phone can also use wireless charging, as long as it is equipped with a wireless charger and wireless receiving patch.