7.5W Wireless Fast Charging
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Wireless charging has gradually become the mainstream standard of flagship mobile phones, and mi MIX 2S also follows the trend, finally supporting the wireless charging function.Mi MIX 2s adopts the mainstream QI wireless charging protocol, which supports 7.5W fast charging.

Wireless charging, which has been used in mobile phones since the time of nokia, has come to the fore in recent years with the launch of samsung's flagship phone. From apple in 2017 to the current Mi MIX 2S, there are wireless charging capabilities.

Mi MIX 2S supports QI wireless charging protocol, and its wireless fast charging protocol is qualcomm QC protocol, which supports 7.5W, which is close to apple's fast charge. In the same way, the charging adapter also needs to support QC quick charge. In fact, samsung's flagship model already supports 10W wireless charging.

NEWQI wireless charging also supports 7.5W, if you need wireless charging, please feel free to contact us, we will wait for you here!