7.5w Wireless Charge Helps Users To Save Money
- Dec 11, 2017 -

There have been many friends poking fun at apple for not supporting wireless charging, but in practice. We will find that wireless charging does have a great advantage and can bring convenience to people. Now 7.5w wireless charge can reduce charging time, charging rate is much higher than the original filling line charge.

7.5w wireless enough to lift 50% charging power to a practical level. Apple's iphone8 series apple has added 7.5w quick charge, which is far more convenient than previously only supported by cable. Users do not need to buy apple's official wireless charging accessories, and use third-party accessories to achieve similar results.

It can help users save a lot of money, and the iphone8 and iphonex can charge wirelessly more quickly. Give the user a lot of surprise, the stability is strong, in the process of use, human nature. The urgent need is recommended. The application of wireless charging technology, which has not been accepted until now, has not been accepted. The change is due to the public acceptance of technology.