Wireless charging ushered in the golden period
- Apr 25, 2018 -

The technology of wireless charging is mainly divided into four technologies: magnetic induction, magnetic resonance, electric field coupling and microwave wireless transmission technology, in which magnetic induction and magnetic resonance technology are the mainstream technology.

Wireless charging technology in the past is less than expected in the past, mainly due to low charging efficiency, high cost, short charging distance, standard confusion and other problems, and now these bottlenecks have been continued to break through, wireless charging technology will usher in a golden period.

In the past, the wireless charging technology has three standard organizations, which are A4WP, WPC Qi standard and PMA. The three major standards have their own advantages and short boards. For big brands, considering the compatibility of the products, it is difficult to popularize a standard product on a large scale in their product line, and the merger of A4WP and PMA in 2015 is certain. The problem of standard confusion is relieved to a degree.

At present, the wireless charging technology has matured at 5W and 9W power levels, and 15W products have also issued Qi standards. It is believed that mature products will be gradually introduced. The charging efficiency is up to 90%, and the cost has been greatly reduced, with a large commercial basis.