Wireless charging technology
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Wireless charging technology, the Wireless charging technology, refers to the device has a battery does not rely on the electric wires, using the electromagnetic induction principle, or other relevant ac induction technology, in the sender and the receiver with the corresponding equipment to send and receive communication signal is induced for charging a technology, is the result of Wireless power transmission technology.

The study of wireless charging technology originated in the 1830s, when Michael Faraday discovered that the electromagnetic induction phenomenon, known as magnetic flux change, generates an induction electromotive force, which generates an electric current in the wire. But one of the earliest wireless power transmission is nicolas Tesla (Nikola Tesla) in the 1890 s idea of wireless power transmission and wireless transmission test, so someone is called the father of the radio can transmit.

The technology principle

From the specific technical principle and the solution, the current wireless charging technology mainly has four basic modes: electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance, radio wave and electric field coupling. These techniques are applicable to short - range, medium - and remote - power transmission.