Wireless Charging Industry Chain
- Apr 18, 2018 -

The wireless charging industry chain is divided into two parts, receiving and transmitting. The upstream and downstream industry chain of the receiver is divided into chips, magnetic materials, transmission coils, module manufacturing and system integration. The transmitter is divided into chip, coil module and program design.

The integrated design link of the receiver chip and the system is high in technical barriers and high in profit (about 30% of the profit of the wireless charging industry chain), and the main customer is the mobile terminal. The state of development is very similar to fingerprint recognition three years ago. Only the IDT family has experienced shipments, and Bo Tong is an official custom for the Apple Corp, while others, including TI and Qualcomm, have failed to seize the first wave of the industry and fail to enter the supply chain of any mobile phone manufacturer. On the contrary, a number of domestic Master highly sophisticated technology start-up companies and listed companies ahead of the layout, in the mobile phone receiver market emerged, with domestic brand mobile phone chip market has been chosen by Plus M7 Gionee mobile phone is wireless charging scheme of domestic brands.