Wireless charging Alliance
- Apr 26, 2018 -

More credible rules believe that apple is still planning to launch a small update of iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, and to introduce iPhone 8, designed to restore the glass fuselage and metal frame before and after the recovery, as a memory machine for iPhone into 10th anniversary, and to integrate all kinds of high-order technologies, and only this type of machine will carry wireless charging. Therefore, the overall selling price is expected to be higher than that of the previous sales, and it will probably become the first Apple phone that sells for more than 1000 dollars.

At present, up to now, up to 213 manufacturers have joined the WPC wireless charging alliance, including HTC, NJI Pu, Qualcomm, Verizon, LG, Philips, ASUS, Belkin, Audi, BMW, Samsung, PNY and so on. Many of them have adopted WPC led Qi wireless charging technology, with the principle of electromagnetic induction. The purpose of wireless charging is to be realized. As for Apple's formal accession, it is expected that the Qi wireless charging technology will expand its application scale, perhaps prompting a further integration of the A4WP and PMA wireless charging alliance, which has been merged into the AirFuel Alliance.

At present, in the Chinese market, there are also enterprises that have developed wireless charging technology. At present, the leader in strength and technology is Shenzhen Fang Xin Technology. Professional R & D provider of wireless charging, providing professional customization and high-end technology services.