What are the advantages of wireless charging compared to wired charging?
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Domestic wireless charging research and application has started, the current application of the relevant patent number of at least dozens of, but most of the mobile phone charge is irrelevant.

Wireless charging in the consumer electronics and other devices to achieve the perfect, need to do two: one is to ensure that electromagnetic radiation only to the receiving part of the cell phone, will not affect human health, or interfere with other equipment; the second is to let electromagnetic radiation in the wrong use of the case can not damage the battery and charger, such as the identification of the foreign body on the wireless charger, Prevent the risk of deformation or explosion caused by overheating of lithium batteries.

In addition, to ensure adequate transmission efficiency is also very important, it is reported that the efficiency of wired charging only about 87%, wireless charging some claims to reach 90% of the transmission efficiency, but the credibility is not high, experts say that in the case of mobile phone shell 5mm thickness, the wireless charge transmission efficiency can reach 70%.