Three iphones support wireless charging
- Nov 16, 2017 -

Wireless charging device is the latest rumours from kgi analyst Guo Ming ð « “ creates yesterday investors report forecasts, published in 2017 all the new iPhone will support wireless charging, and limited to the OLED screen version iPho He believes that wireless charging parts can generate a lot of heat, and because the new iPhone will be made of glass, it will not be as hot as metal. So apple added the graphite layer to the new iPhone to protect the 3D Touch fingerprint sensor.

The product, which is said to be on the 10th anniversary of the release of the iPhone, will be a big update, and apple has dropped the "7s" name to the iPhone 8. Although the official will not reveal any information before the event, according to the rumor, it may include the following aspects:

Stronger processors (which have become routine upgrades);

Three versions, one of which is an OLED curved screen;

Ultra-narrow border design;

The new Touch ID fingerprint is placed under the screen glass of the phone.

Wireless charging;

Some of them seem to be far from mass production, such as the fingerprint identification device under the glass screen. If that happens, we'll have to say goodbye to TouchID, who has been using the screen for years.